PPMC was formed on 4th December, 1992 by a group of interested personalities, including Dato Dr UsmanAwang, Mr Tan Kai Hee, Dr Raja Kumar and Mr (Now Tan Sri) Lee Lam Thye and many others. The main objective is to encourage and strengthen the fraternity, understanding and friendship among the peoples of Malaysia and China. It also plays a pivotal role in bringing closer ties of friendship, unity and goodwill among its members and other Malaysians.

Its first President was the late Dato Dr Usman Awang, a National Laureate who passed away in November, 2001. He was succeeded by Dato David Chua, a well established businessman.

In 2003, the late Dr Raja Kumar was elected the next president and in April 2005, Dato Abdul Majid Khan, a veteran diplomat and former Malaysian Ambassador to China, was elected president and remains in office till to date.

As a non-governmental organization, PPMC has dedicated itself to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between Malaysia and China at the people-to-people level. Its activities complement our government’s efforts in promoting strong bilateral ties with China.

In pursuit of this objective, the Association undertakes various social, cultural, educational, youth and sports activities and programmes for the peoples of both countries. In collaboration with other Malaysian trade associations and government agencies, PPMC also acts as a bridge in promoting trade, investments and economic linkages between Malaysia and China.

To ensure the success of its activities and programmes, PPMC has close collaboration with its Chinese counterparts, the Chinese People Friendship Association with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), the ASEAN-China Friendship Association, Friendship Associations at the provincial level in China as well as other related Chinese organizations.

In carrying out these activities and programmes, the Association is permitted by its Constitution to receive financial donations and other supports from the public and institutions.

Office of PPMC
Following its establishment, PPMC’s first registered office was at Kompleks Sun, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur and later, we moved to UE3.

In 2007, the Association purchased its own office at 13Kuala Lumpur where we currently operates.

In recent years, the activities and contacts between PPMC and delegates from China as well as those from ASEAN countries, have increased. Hence the EXCO decided that it is timely and appropriate for PPMC to find a new home to cater for its future requirements.

Proposal for new premise
The EXCO unanimously agreed that an Office Building Fund Committee be set up to see how PPMC could achieve the above objective.

The following proposals were suggested:

Cost / Fund Needed
It is proposed that a shoplot with appropriate space for conference room, office, lounge and library be considered. The target is to raise a sum of RM6 million for this purpose, including cost of interior furnishing.

Recognition of Donors
The Committee agreed that special recognitions be given to our supporters and donors.

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